You should know:

About Me:


I answer my own phone. 

Why is this important? It means you talk to me when you call. Your first call is too important to leave to a secretary. 

Therapy Works.

Research (and my experience) shows that for most people, therapy helps. You don't have to suffer. 

Confidentiality and Privacy are key.

My office is easy to get to, but tucked away. I strictly follow HIPAA policies in terms of confidentiality and security. Your privacy matters to me.


I attended MTSU as an undergrad, and then went to graduate school at the University of North Carolina and the University of Massachusetts, ending up with a PhD in social psychology and post-graduate work in clinical psychology. I taught college courses for many years, then moved to full-time work with clients, first in hospitals and then in private practice. What does this mean for you? I am well-trained, and I have many years of experience. I put that professional experience together with my life experience, and our work benefits.